I still crackle
Like a motel
Frontier spackle/ summer backyard
Shopping cart
In our shadows
Late-day echoes
Weeds/ radios/ Jesus Christ knows your
Freckled heart
To walk North as sun is setting
Hope of getting to
Your ghost-filled brimming field as
The still comes
All those churches

Splint'ring perches
Blacktown searches/ stooping faces
Placing childhoods
It's a hot-town
Steam from the ground
Roads are unbound/ heart-strung and crowned
Through the lumbered trees
I killed a woman
She had it coming
She was myself and now I am free
Free to love you
You unspooling
When day is cooling rain clouds coming
Are lighter than the night
All is something
Lost in nothing
Your grav'lly wiry fright'ning mind is
Built upon itself
We walk through the Back-Lot World
To the pi-o-neer frontier where you forgot dear
Nights you should hold




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